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Tunnel Cleaning Trains (TCTs) are used in Metro systems to keep the network clean from dust and litter.  As well as general litter, the tunnels and station areas become dirty with accumulations of dust.  The dust is made up of small particles of skin, hair etc. as well as the metallic particles from the wheel-rail interface.  The tunnel dust needs to be removed to keep the tunnels clean for the passengers and also for the maintenance workers that have to enter the tunnels to work on the track and other metro systems. Litter needs to be removed to keep the station environment pleasant for passengers and also to reduce the fire risk from flammable materials like news papers.

Removing the dust and litter requires a purpose designed cleaning system set up for the application.  NEU Railways has supplied 14 complete TCTs to major metro systems around the world including London, New York and Paris.

The TCT can be built onto exisiting rolling stock or utilise existing traction units as required in order to keep the cost and certification issues to a minimum.  Complete TCTs with all new rolling stock and traction are supplied with our partner in the product, SOCOFER.  The TCT can be self contained with a scrubbed diesel power unit or it can take power from the normal metro power supply if required.

The main elements of the TCT are:

The cleaning hood has a system where the central element blows air onto the track / tunnel segments to disturb the dust / litter and the outer elements suck the air into the TCT together with the dust and litter.  The head deisgn and concept is critical to acieve a good cleaning performance and must use high air flow rates to be able to disturb and capture the dirt and litter when the cleaning hood may be some distance from the surfaces to be cleaned.

The filter module comprises a separator for bulky waste (litter) and then a bank of filters to remove the dust from the air.  The filter module uses self cleaning filters in banks, which are automatically cleaned in sequence. the dust dropping into containers at the base of the module.  By cleaning the filters in turn while the other filters continue to clean the air, full cleaning performance is uninterrupted and efficiency is maintained at a constant level throughout the cleaning cycle.

TCTs are always purpose built to suit the tunnel profile, operating constraints, performance requirements and budget of the end user and so the specification and scope of supply is different for every project.

You can visit the NEU Railways web site here.

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