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The Track Collector system is a modular system ofpans and cross drains that are used for spill collection on rail tracks at fueling points, train washing facilities, bulk liquids loading facilities etc. The system is designed to fit onto existing tracks (either flat bottom or bull head rails) and seals up to the rails to provide a complete pollution prevention solution.

The system comprises centre pans to fit between the tracks and side pans to fit on either side of the track.  The side pans are available in narrow and wide versions, with edges suitable for burrying in ballast or for fitting up to a concrete apron.  The system also includes a cross drain that fits between sleepers and allows the pans fitted to drain across to the side of the track, where a longitudinal drain can be fitted to connect into the depot drainage or a dedicated interceptor or oil separator installed.  Gratings are available to provide a walk on surface for operators in either galvanised steel or fibreglass types.

The pans are supplied in 5 metre lengths and can be joined together to provide longer aprons, or fitted in a number of shorter lengths to match up with vehicle fuel filler positions.  For example, for a 5 car DMU, instead of fitting a conventional apron of over 100 metres in length, the Track Collector system can be used in 5 x 5 m sections, one at each fuel point.  Using this strategy, the volume of rain water run off collected from the apron is cut by up to 80%, so other drainage and intercepters can be sized accordingly at lower cost.

The main benefits of using the Track Collector system are:

  • Fast installation, leaving the road free for traffic between shifts.  Traditional concrete solutions require the road to be out of commission for at least 6 weeks.
  • Lower cost than a traditional concrete installation.
  • Fully modular - fitted in 5 metre lengths and can be extended later if required
  • Reduced drainage / interceptor requirements, saving on project costs.
  • Minimum trackwork requirements.
  • Seals to the rail and pan to pan as well, so a continuous sealed apron can be created, unlike with pressed or fabricated steel pans.

Track Collector pans are available in 2 formats.  The standard pan is fully GRP in contruction, with an oil and chemical resistant construction.  The second has been modified to Network Rail requirements and is fitted with see through, removable, windows for track clip inspection and a flame retardent, oil and chemical resistant construction.

You can visit the CBI Track Collector web site here.

The Stats

Modular system in 5 metre lengths.

Can be joined to form continuous aprons of any length.

Centre and side pans available.

GRP or galvanised steel gratings.

Network Rail version available.


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