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The underfloor wheel lathe is an essential tool for fleet operators to enable wheelsets to be kept in codition without the need to remove from the vehicle for machining.  The underfllor lathe machines either a single or a pair of wheelsets simultaneously, dependent on its configuration.

The lathe comprises a heavy duty machine mounted in a pit, over which rail vehicles can pass on retractible rails.  The Dano-Rail solution has a design for the lathe that means the depth of the pit construction is minimised, reducing the cost of the necessary civil engineering works.  The wheel lathe support the pair of wheels on powered rollers, lifting the wheels clear of the rail section, which is then retracted to leave the wheel tread exposed for machining.

Axle box supports (internal or external) and holding down clamps are used to provide a datum for the machining of the wheel, ensuring that the finished profile has the best possible roundness and concentricity as fitted on the bogie.

The lathe has twin tool posts, each machining the profile onto one of the wheels, so that both wheels in a wheelset are machined at the same time.  The design of the equipment also allows for the machining of axle or wheel mounted brake discs.

Before machining takes place, the lathe measures the wheel profile and calculates the optimum material removal to machine the wheel.  The measuring process is automatic, with the operator consulted before the final cutting depth is selected.  The lathe then machines the wheel profile automatically, carrying out rough and finish passes as required. The wheel parameters are then measured after turning, so that they can be checked for conformity with the operator's requirements and stored as a record of the work being carried out.

Once the cycle is complete, the rails move back into position and the wheels are lowered, alloing the train to move off the wheel lathe, or move forward to allow the next wheelset to be machined.

The wheel lathe can be provided with built in localised shunting devices or with battery electric shunters as required.  Both of these systems can be fully inerlocked to guard against moving the vehicle when the rails are retracted.

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The Stats

Single or tandem design

Shallow pit requirement

Full CNC automation and control

Internal / external bearing box supports

Wheel profile and brake discs machined

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Bombardier has unveiled its next generation Flexity 2 tram to the world for use at the Starr Gate Depot in Blackpool.  Depot Rail have supplied and commissioned a set of 12 Eurogamma vehicle lifting jacks for the new trams and supplied the sand feeding system. During January 2012 Depot Rail delivered a Zephir Crab 1500E which is a battery operated shunting vehicle which will be used to move the new trams at the Starr Gate Depot.