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Train washes comprise a set of spray arches and brushes designed to wash and rinse the rail vehicle and can be either of a gantry or drive through type.

Gantry washes move over a stationary train in the same way as a car wash operates.  The gantry wash needs only 1 set of brushes and achieves its cleaning efficiency by multiple passes and by moving slowly it maximises the contact time between the brushes and the vehicle.  Gantry washes are ideal to achieve a high degree of cleanliness but are slow to use, requiring the train to stop for several minutes in order to carry out the washing process.

The drive through train wash is the most popular choise, as it allows rolling stock to be washed to a good standard in the minimum of time.  The fact that the train is driving through the wash at 3 - 5 kph means that brush contact time is limited, so the washing performance is achieved by having multiple sets of brushes in series for washing and rinsing the vehicles.

For both types of system there is a choice between a bristle type of brush or a foam flail.  The washing characteristics for these 2 systems are slightly different, selection normaly being based on preference and prior experience.

As well as spray arches to apply detergent and then rinse the vehicles, the brush configuration can be set to suit the operator's requirements.  Brush options include side brushes (the base specification) and then optional skirt, eaves and roof brushes.  Front end brushes can also be used in some circumstances.

Water recycling and treatment are also important in train washing.  Recycling is used to reduce water consumtion by recovering water from the wash apron, treating it and using it again for the wash cycle.  Water treatment may also be required in order to ensure that the water discharged from the wash plant meets local environmental standards.  Water treatment for both applications is carried out by means of a bio-reactor system that give excellent performance with very low running costs.

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