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Rail vehicle lifting jacks are a flexible and easy to install way of lifting rail vehicles, either as single car or in multiple unit sets with a fully synchronised lift.  Jacks are available in capacities ranging from 5 tonnes to 50 tonnes per jack (20 tonnes up to 200 tonnes per vehicle) and with a lifting stroke and anvil design to suit the application.  For a given capacity, the standard jacks available in the range cover most of the applications required.

Jacks are a flexible option because the standard jacks can normally be used to lift a wide variety of rolling stock.  Customisation of the jacks for the specific application is sometimes required, so rolling stock details are important in order to correctly specifiy the equipment.

The lifting jacks are mobile on a flat workshop floor, and highly manoeuvrable with each fitted with its own lifting / steering handle for moving around the depot.  Electric travel is an option for moving the jacks.

The lifting jacks are normally configured as fixed anvil jacks, with moving anvils as an option if required.  The fixed anvil type usually offers the most economical and simple option to carry out the lifting tasks required.  The jack structures are robust and are fully enclosed, so that moving parts are guarded and the risk of an accident is minimised.

Jacks are supplied in sets of 4, with 4 jacks per rail vehicle.  Sometimes this varies for light rail applications, but the jacks are always controlled in sets of 4.  The jacks can be set up to operate in larger sets (8, 12, 16 .......) so that they can perform synchronised lifts of muti vehicle sets.  In this case, it is normally advisable to install the jack cables into floor ducts or overhead to avoid long cable runs and associated risk of damage and tripping hazards.

The controls are a very important part of the lifting system, as they monitor all of the safety functions and ensure that the jacks are synchronised throught the lift.  Each jack is fitted with an absolute position encoder so that the controls can synchronise the jacks using this data.  The use of an absolute encoder also ensures that the synchronisation of the set is maintained regardless of power supply interruptions / unplugging the jacks.  it also allows the actual height of every jack to be displayed on the control panel at all times, making the operator's job easier and safer to carry out.

BS EN1493 is the applicable standard for mobile lifting jacks.  The jacks that we supply from Eurogamma in Italy are fully compliant with this standard and designed and manufactured under an ISO9001 quality system.  All sets of lifting jacks are supplied with test certification accrding to BS EN 1493 and CE certification from an independent test house.

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The Stats

Capacities from 5t to 50t per jack

Fixed and moving anvil types

Fully mobile or rail mounted

Synchronised sets from 4 up to 48 jacks

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Customer News

City of Blackpool Tram Launch

Bombardier has unveiled its next generation Flexity 2 tram to the world for use at the Starr Gate Depot in Blackpool.  Depot Rail have supplied and commissioned a set of 12 Eurogamma vehicle lifting jacks for the new trams and supplied the sand feeding system. During January 2012 Depot Rail delivered a Zephir Crab 1500E which is a battery operated shunting vehicle which will be used to move the new trams at the Starr Gate Depot.