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Bogie drop systems are designed to allow the removal and replacement of complete bogies, wheelsets and underframe modules for rail vehicles.  Wheelset drops have the same basic configuration, but with a smaller bridge length that only caters for wheelsets and smaller size underframe equipment.

The main benefits of bogie drops are that they operate with the rail vehicle at track level, lowering the bogie away rather than lifting the vehicle.  This means that with modern permanently coupled rolling stock, the train does not need to be split and lifted to remove one bogie from the set, allowing other maintenance / inspection / cleaning work to continue while a bogie is being changed.

Because of this, the bogie drop is very efficient at changing single bogies for either planned or unplanned maintenance activities, returning the train to service as quickly as possible.

The configuration of the bogie drop very much depends on the rolling stock to be handled and the allowable civil works on site.  There are invariably compromises in bogie drop design and they are much easier to fit into new build depots than into existing facilities.  Options include screw or scissor type lifting, floor level or portal type body supports, centre and / or side pits in the bridge, bogie support arms to allow wheelset removal, single or twin bridge design etc.

A rail mounted module handler is often supplied to work together with a bogie drop to interface between the bridge and the underframe module(s) to be removed.

The main drawbacks of drop systems are that they need to be mounted in a pit, and so the civil engineering works tend to be expensive.  They are also relatively inefficient when carrying out campaign changes of all of the bogies on a multiple unit set, as it is not possible to remove all bogies simultaneously with a single lift as with a synchronised set of lifting jacks. An ideal depot configuration will include a drop system for single unplanned bogie / wheelset changes and a full set synchronised jacking system for campaign changes of all bogies.

 We supply drop systems manufactured by Officine Meccaniche BBM of Italy, and have supplied several such systems into the UK rail industry.

You can visit the BBM web site here.

The Stats

Axles Loads up to 25 tonnes

Screw or scissor lift type

Single or twin bridge layout

Body supports to suit vehicle types

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Customer News

City of Blackpool Tram Launch

Bombardier has unveiled its next generation Flexity 2 tram to the world for use at the Starr Gate Depot in Blackpool.  Depot Rail have supplied and commissioned a set of 12 Eurogamma vehicle lifting jacks for the new trams and supplied the sand feeding system. During January 2012 Depot Rail delivered a Zephir Crab 1500E which is a battery operated shunting vehicle which will be used to move the new trams at the Starr Gate Depot.