Our Fire Services web site illustrates the equipment that we supply from Firexpress of Denmark.  Firexpress produce a range of products based on their patented ‘Dual Nozzle’ lance that can be used in portable and vehicle mounted applications, including the first fire fighting motorbikes to be supplied in the UK.

Firexpress is a low volume fire fighting system that uses the patented Dual Nozzle to create micro droplets of water while working at a low operating pressure.  The use of micro droplets maximises the surface area of the water so that the system removes heat from the fire very quickly and extinguises it with the minimum of water useage.

The low operating pressure means that the system minimises the air sucked into the fire by the stream of water droplets, reduces the scattering of debris from the force of the stream of droplets and is safe to use directly on persons that may be caught in the fire.  These major differences give the Firexpress system considerable operational benefits over a high pressure type system.

You can visit the Firexpress web site here.

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City of Blackpool Tram Launch

Bombardier has unveiled its next generation Flexity 2 tram to the world for use at the Starr Gate Depot in Blackpool.  Depot Rail have supplied and commissioned a set of 12 Eurogamma vehicle lifting jacks for the new trams and supplied the sand feeding system. During January 2012 Depot Rail delivered a Zephir Crab 1500E which is a battery operated shunting vehicle which will be used to move the new trams at the Starr Gate Depot.